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Bookmaker bonus guide

How to take advantage of bookmaker bonuses?

Signing up with new bookmakers is a great way to make free money. 

Taking advantage of bookmaker bonuses is something everyone should do!

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Here is a list of some of the mechanics in bookmaker bonuses:

Minimum odds

Bookmakers know that some odds ranges are more profitable for punters. Therefore, most bookmakers require that your bets are placed with a minimum odds. 

 Time limit

Bookmakers love the casual punter. The casual punter is not interested in details. The casual punter just sees a great bonus and accepts it with gratitude. Unfortunately, the casual often miss that the bonus needs to be fulfilled within a certain time period, otherwise the bonus and all the profits made meanwhile is gone.

Wager requirement

Most bonuses have wager requirements. Some bonuses offer you 100% on your initial deposit, but you need to wager your bonus and your deposit 8 times (example) . So if you deposit 100 Euros you will receive 100 Euros. You need to wager for deposit +bonus 8 times in total, meaning 100 Euros + Euros *8 = 1600 Euros before you can withdraw your money.